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Unveiling the GTI50 Tire Inflator Mini Bike Pump: Cordless Air Pump Advantages Worth Your Purchase

by udiagtech 21 Feb 2024 0 Comments

I. Compact Powerhouse: Air Turbocharging with Palm Size

Revolutionary Design

LISEN introduces the GTI50 Tire Inflator, a cordless air pump that redefines the concept of on-the-go emergency solutions. With its innovative design, the GTI50 stands out in three crucial aspects: Mini Size, Turbocharging Inflation, and Tidy Storage. Say goodbye to cumbersome designs as this inflator fits into the palm of your hand, making it easy to store in the trunk corner.

II. Mini Size, Maximum Convenience: Any Trunk Corner Ready

Portable Powerhouse

Experience the convenience of a small yet powerful air pump with the LISEN cordless air compressor. Weighing only 630g (1.39 pounds) and measuring 3.94 x 3.45 x 1.57 inches, this mini-sized inflator is easily held in one hand. Its compact and lightweight design ensures it fits seamlessly into the narrow corners of your trunk and even your backpack, ready to assist anytime, anywhere.

III. Innovative Storage Design: No More Messy Accessories

Hassle-Free Storage

Bid farewell to the struggles of dealing with messy hoses, air nozzles, and tangled power cords. The GTI50 features an innovative storage design with a dedicated hole for securing the hose and an accessories storage clip that keeps air nozzles in place. Enjoy a tidy and organized experience, making it hassle-free to take and store your inflator anywhere you go.

IV. Supreme Air Turbocharging Design: Maximum Pressure and Efficiency

Turbocharged Performance

The GTI50's turbocharging design takes inflation to the next level. With a 24mm cylinder volume and a robust 19000rpm motor, it delivers a maximum pressure of 150PSI and an airflow of 38L/Min. This design sets it apart with a volume 4X larger and a motor speed 30% faster than conventional inflators. Refill your car tire in just 1 minute in daily situations or 5 minutes from 0 to 36PSI, based on a flat standard tire size of 185/65/R15.

V. In Conclusion

The GTI50 Tire Inflator from LISEN combines compact design with turbocharged performance, making it an essential tool for on-the-go inflation needs. With its palm-sized convenience, innovative storage features, and supreme air turbocharging design, the GTI50 is worth every penny for those looking for a reliable and efficient cordless air pump. Experience the power of portability with the GTI50.


1.Q: What makes the GTI50 unique in terms of design?

The GTI50 stands out with its mini size, turbocharging inflation, and innovative storage design, making it a compact powerhouse for emergency tire inflation.

2.Q: How portable is the LISEN cordless air compressor?

Weighing only 630g and measuring 3.94 x 3.45 x 1.57 inches, the GTI50 is designed for maximum portability, fitting into any trunk corner or backpack with ease.

3.Q: How does the innovative storage design contribute to convenience?

The GTI50's storage hole for the hose and accessories storage clip for air nozzles ensure a tidy and organized storage solution, eliminating the hassle of dealing with messy accessories.

4.Q: What is the maximum pressure and airflow provided by the GTI50?

The GTI50 offers a maximum pressure of 150PSI and an airflow of 38L/Min, thanks to its supreme air turbocharging design.

5.Q: How fast can the GTI50 inflate a car tire?

Depending on the situation, the GTI50 can refill a car tire in just 1 minute for daily situations (25-36PSI) or 5 minutes from 0 to 36PSI, based on a flat standard tire size of 185/65/R15.

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