Two-bike Carrier
Two-bike Carrier Two-bike Carrier Two-bike Carrier Two-bike Carrier Two-bike Carrier Two-bike Carrier

Two-bike Carrier

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Two-bike Carrier

Product Description

This is a 2-bike fork-mount rack designed to attach to your car’s roof or trunk, or your SUV’s backglass. Attaches in just minutes and removes easily when you want it to. This rack's compact design and vacuum-mount technology make it nearly universal - it will mount to almost any car in the market. The product’s 3/4" HDPE body flexes to conform to your car’s curves. Four 200+lb.-rated 6” Rainco vacuum cups give this rack plenty of muscle. Two heavy-duty fork clamps hold your bikes by the front forks for a super-secure mount. Includes two 6” Rear Wheel Straps. Approx. footprint: 31"x9.6".


Ø Two-bike carrier for sedans, coupes, hatchbacks, SUVs, vans, and more

Ø Universal rack -attaches to virtually any vehicle with four powerful, safe and easy-to-use Rainco vacuum mounts

Ø Two heavy-duty fork clamps to securely hold your bicycles by the front forks

Ø For road bikes, mountain bikes or any bike with a quick-release front wheel

Ø Top range car top chucks with outstanding flexibility and loading capacity

Ø Robust, fashion, well protection & easy to collection

Ø Adjustable front fork, for wheels of different sizes 

Ø Powerful cupule, nondestructive paint, easy to install

Ø Carry 2 bikes once a time

Ø Suction cups designed with modern cold-heat-resistant and imported raw materials


Color: Black & OEM

Dimensions: 70*13*8cm  27.6 x 5.2 x 3.2 inches

Item Weight: 4.5kg      10 pounds

Size 2-Bike

Sport Type cycling

Why choose Rainco?

With traditional bike racks, you’ve got to find the right rack to fit the exact place where you want to attach it. Plus, they’re cumbersome, difficult to install and just plain ugly. But with Rainco racks, all you really need to do is find some
clear space on your car and pump it on. Most Rainco racks can be used in multiple spots, whether it’s on your trunk, your rooftop, or even the glass on your SUV or hatchback. There are no hooks to ruin your paint job, no expensive special adapters to make the rack fit your year and model car, and no complicated instructions for installation. And to top it all off, they look great! Say goodbye to ugly, bulky racks, and say hello to sleek and compact Rainco Racks.

Rainco Technology Co., Ltd (Rainco) is a professional supplier which is committed to research & develop, and manufacture Bike rack, board racks for cars. It owns brand ”Rainco” which pay attention to customer’s demands.

Our promise: With all Rainco fully engaged, our racks will hold bicycles up to 47 lbs each at speeds not exceeding 80 mph. 

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