Single-bike Carrier
Single-bike Carrier Single-bike Carrier Single-bike Carrier Single-bike Carrier Single-bike Carrier Single-bike Carrier Single-bike Carrier

Single-bike Carrier

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Product Description

The bike carrier is easy to install and won’t damage your car. Rainco bike racks use our incredibly strong vacuum mounts and allow you to temporarily but securely mount your bike to the roof of your car without the hassle of permanently attaching any hardware. Rainco are non-marking, UV and weather resistant, and hold exceptionally well to glass or metal surfaces. Includes one Rear Wheel Strap (6″ Rainco with hook-and-loop straps) to secure your bike’s rear wheel and keep the tail from sliding left or right. This rack has one fork clamp attached to three 200+lb.-rated 6″ Rainco. Rack body made of 1/2″ HDPE, which makes it strong enough to hold your bike yet flexible enough to follow the curve of your roof line. Designed to mount to your roof and front windshield, but can be used just about anywhere - on the roof, on the trunk, etc. Approx. footprint: 15.7″ x 13.6″.


Single-bike fork-mount rack designed to attach to your roof, trunk or hatchback. Plastic body allows it to flex and conform to the contours of your car. Three vacuum mounts in a triangular pattern give it tremendous holding power and stability.


Single-bike carrier for sedans, coupes, hatchbacks, SUVs, vans, and more

Incredibly powerful, lightweight, compact and travel friendly

Fits on virtually any car with no special adapters

Universal rack - attaches to virtually any vehicle with three powerful, safe and easy-to-use Rainco vacuum mounts

Single heavy-duty fork clamp to securely hold your bicycle by the front fork

For road bikes, mountain bikes or any bike with a quick-release front wheel

The easiest racks in the world to install-attach or remove in just seconds


Color: Black & OEM

Item Dimensions: 38*32*14 cm  14.9*12.6*5.5 inches

Item Display Weight: 2.5 kg     5.6 pounds

Size 1-Bike

Sport Type cycling

Why choose Rainco?

With traditional bike racks, you’ve got to find the right rack to fit the exact place where you want to attach it. Plus, they’re cumbersome, difficult to install and just plain ugly. But with Rainco racks, all you really need to do is find some clear space on your car and pump it on. Most Rainco racks can be used in multiple spots, whether it’s on your trunk, your rooftop, or even the glass on your SUV or hatchback. There are no hooks to ruin your paint job, no expensive special adapters to make the rack fit your year and model car, and no complicated instructions for installation. And to top it all off, they look great! Say goodbye to ugly, bulky racks, and say hello to sleek and compact Rainco


Rainco Technology Co., Ltd (Rainco) is a professional supplier which is committed to manufacture and research Bike rack, board racks for cars. It owns brand ”Rainco” which pay attention to customer’s demands.

Our promise: With all Rainco fully engaged, our racks will hold bicycles up to 47 lbs each at speeds not exceeding 80 mph. The rack will tell you if the Rainco are not maintaining vacuum: the orange power band in the pump will become visible if the rack begins to lose vacuum.

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