12V Battery Jump Starter
12V Battery Jump Starter 12V Battery Jump Starter

12V Battery Jump Starter

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                                                                                                                12V Battery Jump Starter

 1.Product Features:

12V Battery Jump Starter, Power Bank with USB 5V/2A Port to charge portable electronic devices, Ultra-bright LED flash light with modes like strobe light and SOS signal light.
2.Included Accessories:
•Car Charger
•AC Charger
•Jump Start Cable
•User Manual
3.Operating Instructions:
•Slide the ON/OFF Switch to the ON position
a.Press the function button once to turn on the M8 and to activate the USB and the EC5 Jump Start Ports. The green Battery LED indicators on the side will indicate the charge level of the unit. 
a.Flash Light Function:
•Press and hold down the function button for 2 seconds to turn on the LED Light. Once the LED light is on, pressing the function button will cycle the LED light through different modes
(Solid Light) => (SOS Flashing) => (STROBE Light)
•To turn OFF the LED Light, press and hold down the function button for 2 seconds.
b.Warning Light Function:
•Press the function button twice, the Green and Red LED lights will start flashing alternately. Pressing the function button twice again will turn off the Green and Red flashing light.
c.Jump Starting:
•Clip the BLACK CLAMP to the NEGATIVE (-) terminal of the car battery
•Clip the RED CLAMP to the POSITIVE (+) terminal of the car battery
•Insert the other end of the jump starter cable into the EC5 port of M8
•Start the vehicle as normal.
•Once the engine has started, remove the jump starter cable from the M8 EC5 port. Then unclip the RED CLAMP from the car battery followed by the BLACK CLAMP.
4.Technical Specifications:
•EC5 Port Output: 12V
•Dimension: L176*W88*H45 mm
•USB Port Output: 5V 2A
•DC Charging Input: DC 12V/1A
•Cranking Ampere ≥200A
•Cycle Life > 1200 cycles
•Operating Temperature: -10℃~75℃
•Capacity: 50Wh
•Weight: 730g
a.Charge level – it is recommended to maintain the charge level at 75% (Battery Indicator with 3 LEDs ON) or more for optimal performance in case of emergency. The M8 should be recharged once every 3 months when not in use.
b.During usage, it is normal for the M8 to get hot.
c.The M8 should be used under normal ambient temperature, and away from moisture, heat and fire.
d.The product should be stored at room temperature in a dry place away from moisture and corrosive materials.
e.Do not wash with chemicals such as soap or detergent. Do not incinerate or dispose the battery, recycle the battery to your nearest recycling center as per the appropriate local regulations. 
f.Stop using the battery if there is any deformation, leakage or smell
g.Do NOT throw or apply physical shock to the product and NEVER attempt to disassemble the product
h.Keep the product away and out of the reach of children at all times.
6.Safety Warnings:
•Keep the product away from fire, heat, and water
•Do not charge any damaged battery
•Do not reverse the polarity of the connection to the car battery
•Do not short circuit the output.

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